QCA President's Message

Carrie Foster, MA, CATs, CCC, RDT


Dear QCA Members,
I hope the summer months brought you some peace and respite. This is a field where we all work so hard and need to take care of ourselves.
A new year and a new board have been elected and we have had our first board meeting. I am blessed. The board’s old and new members are dedicated, engaged, and full, full, full of ideas and ways to reach out to you dear members!
I am ready to keep moving ahead and welcome your input as well. We are here for you. Already we have had our first professional development weekend and our second is this weekend. Turnout was very good and we have linked with many psychologists and had a chance to meet with many of you too.
These events are so important for networking and idea sharing- I hope you will find the time to join us soon.
We are working on posting a PD request questionnaire to get your feedback on needs and desires for future events.
We are working with other mental health care networks to broaden our reach and increase our voice and visibility. AND we are reaching out to YOU to get involved, share your thoughts, needs and wishes.
REACH us at  qca.counselling@gmail.com
Or on our Facebook page : QCA - Quebec Counselling Association
Or our website: http://www.quebeccounselling.ca
Wishing you all a fantastic Fall 2015
Carrie Foster
President, Quebec Counselling Association