About rena


Rena Klisouris - PRESIDENT

Rena began her career as an ESL instructor, holding various teaching and supervisory positions as she lived and worked on three continents; she made a successful transition to counselling after settling in Montreal. Rena holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in English, both from McGill University. She is a licensed member of the OCCOQ and currently works as a guidance counsellor for the English Montreal School Board, where she counsels at-risk youth in the alternative school sector. Rena also has a private practice offering counselling services. Her areas of interest and expertise include career counselling, grief counselling and hoarding. She is currently co-facilitating a workshop for individuals dealing with Hoarding Disorder, as well as a monthly support group for this population and their families.

This is Rena’s third year on the QCA Board of Directors. She is pleased to take on the role of President, and is committed to supporting initiatives that will unite and empower counselling professionals in Quebec.