QCA Executive


Rena Klisouris- President

Rena Klisouris began her career as an ESL instructor, holding various teaching and supervisory positions as she lived and worked on three continents; she made a successful transition to counselling after settling in Montreal. Rena holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology as well as a Master’s degree in English, both from McGill University. She is a licensed member of the OCCOQ and currently works as a guidance counsellor for the English Montreal School Board, where she counsels at-risk youth in the alternative school sector. Rena also has a private practice offering counselling services. Her areas of interest and expertise include career counselling, grief counselling and hoarding. She is currently co-facilitating a workshop for individuals dealing with Hoarding Disorder, as well as a monthly support group for this population and their families.

This is Rena’s third year on the QCA Board of Directors. She is pleased to take on the role of President, and is committed to supporting initiatives that will unite and empower counselling professionals in Quebec. 


Wayne Clifford - Vice President

Wayne has held many positions within the educational system, working as a teacher, administrative assistant, principal, and guidance counsellor in Montreal's West Island community. He has been on the QCA Board of Directors for over 30 years, serving twice as President. He was the Quebec Anglophone Director for the CCPA from 2001-2005. He is now certified as an Associate in Sex Education, and is completing the requirements for a Clinicial Sexology Certificate with the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in California. Wayne is a School Commissioner for the Lester B. Pearson School Board, a volunteer at the West Island YMCA, a director of the TQSOI (Community Council for the south sector of the West Island), and a director of the Sexual Health Network of Quebec (SHNQ) (formerly planned parenthood). Wayne is an avid cyclist who coordinates a seniors cycling club and plays hockey in the Pointe Claire Oldtimers hockey League.Wayne is the recipient of many awards including the QCA Justine Harris Award, CCPA's Lorne Flavelle Leadership Award, the Queen's Jubilee Award, and the Quebec Lt. General's Silver Award for Seniors for his community work.


Amber Regier - Secretary & Membership Director

Amber is currently completing her Master’s degree in Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University. She is currently interning as a Drama Therapist at Jewish General Hospital in Child Psychiatry. Amber utilizes drama and play therapy to help her clients discover new ways to express and explore their stories. She hopes to receive her Registered Drama Therapy permit and continue working with children and families.



Lorne Flavelle - Treasurer

Lorne Flavelle, CCC, is a retired School Counsellor who has a private practice, Reflections Counselling Services, specializing in couples, career and personal counselling. He is Treasurer of both the QCA and the Private Practitioners’ chapter of the CCPA, and has served as President of both associations. He was awarded the QCA’s 1995 Justine Harris Award for Excellence in Counselling. His expertise and leadership in counselling were recognized in 2006 by the CCPA (then-CCA), with an annual counsellors’ award: the Lorne Flavelle Leadership Award. Lorne loves swimming, cycling, and playing with his grandchildren. He is an active volunteer in the West Island Y.M.C.A. and is involved in many church and community activities.


Franta Kastanek - Public Relations Chair

Franta, a retired Certified Counsellor with a Masters in Counselling, had been helping children and parents for over thirty years as a case worker and a therapist. In addition to his private practice, his experience includes volunteering at the Suicide Action Montreal; an extensive training at the Montreal Gestalt Inst.; and group facilitation at the Psychesoma of Montreal, helping with severe overweight issues. He is a mindful meditator and a member of the Tibetan Shambhala of Montreal. Franta loves the guitar and singing, and has composed several songs. He speaks fluently in English, French and Czech. 


Tanya Rust Website and Social Media Director

Tanya has a Master of Arts in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spirituality from Saint Paul University in Ottawa and an undergraduate degree in theology with a major in youth studies. She is an adjunct professor with Laval University, and has taught the course, “Relation d’aide et quête de sens”. Tanya also runs a private practice, T•RUST COUNSELLING as well as works in web/graphic design. 

For more about Tanya, visit: www.trustcounselling.ca


Arash Kameli - Professional Development Director

Arash Kameli is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with an MA from the School of Counselling, Psychotherapy & Spirituality at Saint Paul University, Ottawa, BA (Honours) Psychology from the University of Ottawa. Arash is the owner of Kameli Counselling in central Montreal. He works with individuals and couples; anger management & EAP support. He has worked with individuals & couples at Family Therapy in Ottawa, at Saint Paul University the Student Success Centre, in private practice in Ottawa since 2010. He has recently begun supervising first and second year students in the Counselling, Psychotherapy & Spirituality program at Saint-Paul University in Ottawa. As the Professional Development Director at the QCA, he is in charge of organizing continuing education events. Finally, Arash wants you to know that he the voice of advocacy for legislation reform towards the proper recognition of psychotherapy in Quebec. 

For more about Arash, visit: www.kamelicounselling.com


Shadi Asadollahi - Social Events Director

Shadi Asadollahi holds a Bachelor in Psychology with high Distinction from Concordia University and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from McGill University. She is a licensed member of OCCOQ, CCPA and ANN. She has worked in different clinical, educational, not-for-profit and EAP support settings. Currently she works as a Career Counsellor at Concordia’s Student Success Centre helping Concordia students to make better decisions about their educational and career paths. She also has her own private practice offering counselling services to individuals, groups and families dealing with a wide range of issues including stress and anxiety, burn- out, low mood, fear of cancer recurrence, anger management, life transitions (immigration, career and educational decision-making), isolation, and interpersonal and family issues. She has an eclectic and multicultural approach and gives importance to her client’s background, life experience, culture and personal value system. She has joined the QCA Board of Directors as the Social Events director since 2018.


Anastasia Lezos - E-bulletin Director 

Anastasia holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Concordia University. She worked in community and hospital settings where she fostered social integration and promoted individual differences for those who suffered from mental health illness and difficulties. Anastasia left her employment as a symptom evaluator for the Douglas Mental Health Institute to pursue her master’s degree in Counselling Psychology at McGill University. Anastasia is a Canadian Certified Counselor and a licensed member of the OCCOQ. She currently works as a crisis counselor for Homewood Health where she offers telephonic counselling and crisis de-escalation. Her areas of interest and expertise include promoting wellness and bringing about change through empowering young adults and adults struggling with daily stressors that affect their general functioning. She practices counselling from a humanistic and integrative approach and has over thirteen years of combined experience working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety and psychotic disorders. This is Anastasia’s first year on the QCA Board of Directors and she is excited to be actively involved with her fellow counselling professionals.


Carrie Foster – Past President and Anglophone Chair

Carrie Foster holds an M.Sc. in Couple and Family therapy from McGill, and an M.A. in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia University. She is a psychotherapist, a licensed C.T.F, a Canadian Certified Counsellor and a Registered Drama Therapist.  This is her eighth year on the board of the QCA. She is our Quebec Anglophone Director for the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). Carrie is currently working with women in a community mental health and transitional housing setting as well as having a private practice with offices in Westmount and McMasterville. Her focus includes women, children and families and couples. As a drama therapist her work promotes well-being through embodied action-methods and mind/body work including Psychodrama and Developmental Approaches. She has completed her course work in EFT training. She is also continuing her training as a sex therapist. She is a busy mother and grandmother, enjoying being involved in community and family.


Megan Per- McGill CCPA Student Representative

Megan is currently completing her Masters in Counselling Psychology at McGill University. As a member of the McGill Mindfulness Research Lab (MMRL), her interests lie in examining the effectiveness of mindfulness-based intervention in clinical populations. Currently, her master’s research explores the relationship between mindfulness, self-compassion, and emotions in understanding self-injury. She previously worked at a mental health and addictions rehabilitation centre at Coast Mental Health in Vancouver. 


Isabel Sadowski- CCPA McGill Student Representative

Isabel has a B.A. Psychology with Distinction from McGill University. Currently, she is a master’s student in McGill’s Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, in the Counselling Psychology Program, where she is supervised by Dr. Bassam El-Khoury. Her master’s research project focuses on the relationship between mindfulness, subjective well-being, and nature relatedness in emerging adulthood. Prior to returning to McGill for her master’s degree, Isabel was the clinical research coordinator for the University of British Columbia’s Reproductive Mental Health Program, based out of BC Children’s Hospital. Isabel is interested in working with pre-clinical young adults and adolescents; in particular, her interests lie in improving resiliency and enabling adaptive coping techniques.



Hanieh Tohidi- CCPA Concordia Student Representative

Honieh has an M.A in Visual Communication  and taught at the University level for three years. Teaching art at Tehran Internation International School helped her to notice the hardships that students with different cultural backgrounds may experience through integration and adaptation to a new culture. She found her passion for going beyond teaching: containing students' emotional experiences, improving students' mental health, and increasing their resilience and coping skills through art. After moving to Canada, she started to pursue her Master's degree in Creative Art Therapy at Concordia University. She is also currently an art therapy intern at Donald Berman Maimonides Geriatric Centre. Honieh is interested in multiculturalism and has volunteered for two years in Montreal Children's Hospital, The Center for Arts for Human development and Native Women's Shelter of Montreal. Volunteering has provided her the opportunity of assisting successful music and drama therapists and getting to know other modalities in her field. She hopes to work with children and families of first nations and also immigrants, and refugees after graduation.


Rowena Tam- CCPA Concordia Student Representative

Rowena Tam is completing her M.A. in Creative Arts Therapies (Drama Therapy) at Concordia University. She has previous experience working with children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, at the Varley Art Gallery and Centre for the Arts in Human Development (CAHD).  Currently, Rowena is pursuing stagiares with CLSC de Parc-Extension on the Mentale Santé Jeunesse team, and at Établissement de détention Leclerc de Laval. Her research interest focuses on designing an experiential and educational anti-oppressive resource to facilitate the learning and understanding of identity, power, and privilege, using the creative arts (art, dance/movement, drama, and music).